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Team Augmentation

Developers you’d love to hire
Pre-vetted, trained, and ready to build

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Finding the right developer for your stage and tech stack can be tricky and expensive. And retaining the best talent is harder than ever.
So Dune does it all for you.

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The Dune advantage

At Dune, we excel in team augmentation, ensuring the smooth integration of diverse talents into existing teams.


Our tailored onboarding and inclusive approach facilitate seamless cultural integration and communication.


We emphasise maintaining work quality and aligning augmented staff with client goals through personalised mentorship and great processes.


We have a deep commitment to enhancing our client's efficiency and innovation.


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We find the best developers

Our largest office is based in Tunisia, an untapped market for technical talent. We’ve built a solid network of developers who could match your requirements.

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We do the leg work so you don't have to

The biggest benefit to offshoring shouldn’t be the cost, but the efficiency gains you should see. Dune candidates  go through a 5 step screening process to find the best of the best.

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We take care of all the admin

Hiring people involves a lot more than salary. We handle everything on our side so you’re left with a fixed cost, a valuable contributor, and a separate dedicated account manager.

We vet, onboard and manage talent so you can build faster

Spend more time on your business. Let us find, equip, and mentor the perfect developers for your team.

Supercharge your team today

Book a call with Dune to discuss your requirements to help us find your next 10x developer.

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