Tunisia: the new big player in nearshore software development?

Ever heard of Tunisia? The first thing that comes to mind is sunny holidays and glorious beaches, right? It certainly is a great place for holidays and much more. However, it is quickly emerging as a premier destination for software development outsourcing.

Here are the reasons why we set up our development studio in Tunisia and why you should too!

1. Great IT infrastructure

Tunisia has been putting in huge investments to create an environment that boosts technological growth. There are 10 Technoparks and 18 Cyberparks across the country that focus on ICT services, including software development. This promotes the development of a business-oriented environment. Smart Tunisia reports that the tech sector accounts for 7.5% of the country’s GDP and is growing fast! The ICT services export also accounts for about 10% of all services exported. Over 1,800 ICT companies already operate in Tunisia, 12% of which are foreign-owned.

2. A highly educated workforce

Tunisia has more than 65,000 graduates every year, 10,000 are in the ICT field. 35% of graduates specialise in computer science and other tech fields. Another big plus point is the fact the Tunisians are polyglots! Most professionals speaking 3 or 4 languages! Alongside Arabic (the official language), English and French are both widely and fluently spoken among its people.

3. It’s closer than you think!

Geographically, Tunisia is a close neighbour to European countries. You can fly from London to Tunis in under 3 hours.. This makes it easier to communicate in person if needed. It is a great country for on-site collaboration.

4. Cultural advantage

Tunisia also has a cultural advantage over many other international partners. The country has a long history with Europe and it has absorbed the traditions of European nations. It even shares similar work ethics and communication styles with European countries, especially the UK. Cultural compatibility makes collaboration a breeze and reduces the usual problems that come with other big offshore tech hubs. A study by Accenture found that about 70% of outsourcing partnerships fail because of the lack of cultural compatibility.

5. We work the same hours

Tunisia is a nearshore partner. It shares the same time zone as the UK. This allows real-time communication and boosts the efficiency of project management. Working with nearshore partners gives you better control over the communication process.

6. Cost advantage

Cost efficiency is the goal that every company in software development is looking for. In Tunisia, you can get highly motivated talented developers whilst not breaking the bank, allowing you to do more with less. Working with Tunisian teams gives you the quality you need while still being more cost-effective than working with other European partners.

7. Data protection

Tunisia established a strong legal framework to protect data security and intellectual property rights. It passed many laws that secure sensitive information and reduce potential threats to data privacy. The National Authority for Personal Data Protection (INPDP) is responsible for safeguarding sensitive information. Tunisia also signed Convention 108 by the Council of Europe along with four other non-European countries. The treaty was signed by 20 countries, including the UK. This makes Tunisia a better choice than other countries with weak data protection laws.

These reasons, and many more, make Tunisia an appealing destination for companies who seek the best outsourcing partners, and why we chose to set up our business here.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of running a Tunisian team, or you are actively looking to build your nearshore development team, drop me a line at [email protected]

Daniel Atherton

Thu Jun 15 2023

CEO and Co-Founder at Dune Technology Ltd

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