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Dune Technology was founded in 2022 by Daniel Atherton and Thouraya Walker after running a successful London-based digital agency for 9 years.

Having built teams both in-house and offshore, we were frustrated with the lack of consistency in quality of candidates put forward by our offshore partners. We decided we could do things differently. We would build the offshore studio we always wished for as a supplier

Our approach is simple: We find and hire the best talent here in Tunisia to find a perfect match for your company. We make sure they have great communication, tech and product skill before we even present them as an option. This approach means less of your time spent recruiting and vetting new developers.

If we wouldn't hire them to work on our own projects, you won't see them.

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Our culture is the foundation of who we are, shaped by our values, traditions, and practices. It is what brings us together, gives us purpose, and sets us apart. We believe in embracing diversity, fostering creativity, and always striving for excellence.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. We believe in fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning, and we're committed to helping our team members reach their full potential.

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